Simon Keele

A self confessed food addict, I used to have my local pizza place on speed dial.

I was overweight, working long hours in an office and getting depressed at where my life was heading.

So five years ago I decided to turn things around, I ditched the job, binned all the pizza boxes and embraced a healthy lifestyle.

I rekindled my passion for sport and exercise and became a Personal Trainer. I now consider myself lucky to be doing a job I love and dedicate my time to helping clients achieve their own personal goals.

Five years on I'm still addicted to food - I've just learned to make the right choices. I've managed to get back to competing in sport to a good standard and now wake up everyday ready and raring for the challenges ahead.

My numerous and varied qualifications allow me to offer an extensive choice of exercise and nutrition plans tailored to my clients individual needs.

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